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TO BUY THE FULL GUIDE CLICK HEREOn average 9% of candidates are rejected after an interview for being ‘ill prepared’... for new graduates this jumps to 25 %...


Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) state ‘insufficient knowledge of the firm’ as being a common reason why they reject candidates

I’m sure the candidates thought they had prepared well, so make sure you are not one of those people by downloading our FREE Interview Guide 


In it we show you how to not only research a company; but more importantly how to predict potential areas of questioning using a very simple technique based on Mind Mapping.

If you knew the questions in advance, how much easier would the interview be ? You could prepare answers to potential questions... well structured; and compelling. Our free guide will help you identify areas of potential questioning helping you get into the head of the recruiter !

Written by a graduate recruiter with over 25 years experience in the recruitment industry, this is a valuable insight into the recruitment process. A practical and easy to follow guide.

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You will be downloading the first few sections of our full guide, and If you like the advice within our free guide, upgrade to the complete guide. Included in the enhanced guide:

  • Support and advice on preparing for over 250 potential interview questions
  • Help preparing for remote screening interviews: telephone / Skype / Video screening interviews. The CIPD state that over 50% of employers now use them as a pre-screen
  • Help preparing for face to face interviews including:  competency; value; group; panel; scenario; technical; situational;  portfolio; article; strength; and psychometric personality test feedback interviews

The only Interview Guide you will ever need...!

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Based on a guide used by over 5,000 job seekers, but better !

Pulling together over 60 years of recruitment experience, we have compiled what we believe in ‘The Best’ interview guide around.  We hope it is the only interview guide you will ever need...

The guide is a step-by-step; teach yourself interview skills instruction manual. 

It covers and helps you answer common questions such as:

What are your weaknesses?

Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

It also shows you how to prepare for competency / behavioural based interviews where you are asked to describe a situation you have been in in-order for the interviewer to gain evidence of your competency and ability in an area.  Questions such as:

Can you give me an example of when you have delivered excellent or outstanding customer service?

Competency interviews are becoming far more popular and to help we have listed the most common competency based questions asked by interviewers.

We also cover ‘value based’ interviews used within the Charity / Third Sector and show you how to prepare for unstructured interviews such as CV interviews.

In addition we look at telephone / video / Skype interviews, Strength and Portfolio based interviews.

The key to a good interview is to try and predict as many questions as possible, and then prepare answers to those potential questions in advance.  As part of this guide we teach you a simple technique to help you predict such questions and show you how to structure answers. 

We also give you over 250 interview questions with advice on how to answer them.

Highly practical in nature, this is a guide you will keep in a safe place ‘just in case’. 

Also available from Amazon 


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