Read a selection of our feedback taken from Customers we have supported with CV help, Job Search, Interview Training, and Assessment Centre / Presentation Support:


“Just thought I would let you know that I have been offered the job!!!! Great news and I must give credit where it is due and your HR guidance paid a huge thank you”


“Just wanted to say thank you for your help, my new CV format got me an interview... which led to a new job”


“I am contacting you because I want to thank you for the great job you did on my C.V. I am very happy to inform you that I am currently working at xxx I am so happy to back to work and it is all because of you, and the great support I have received from you. I think that you have to be proud of your professionalism. You make people believe in themselves again and give them the perspective to have future......”


“I just wanted to say Thank you for your help with the CV, with it I managed to get the job I wanted out in Dubai”


“I attended one of your sessions about 2 months ago. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I completely altered my CV and received 3 interviews and 3 job offers”


“I must say that the guidance given from your session has been invaluable I definitely noticed an improvement in the ratio of people contacted vs. interviews), I imagine I would have been stuck for a lot longer without your help!”


“Just to let you know after attending our session on Thursday I was invited to attend an interview yesterday. I put into practice your advice on...interview technique, it really helped in preparing for the interview and was amazed how easy it was to recall information during the interview because of this! 2 hours after the interview I was offered the job.”


“Just so you know, I've had two job offers and I have accepted one. After you gave me some tips on my CV, I forwarded my CV to employers...I got an offer the next day. Thanks again for all your help”


“I just wanted to thank you so much for your help!! I attended my interview this morning, and was offered the position this afternoon! Again, thanks for your help, the service you provide is of the greatest quality and the booklet you provided helped me no end!”


“I can honestly admit, that its never easy to hear that your current cv needs amending, but listening to your advice and comments and a realisation that interviews were not happening prompted me to change my cv structure to your recommendations. Following this change, I began to receive phone calls from various agencies and I am pleased to say that I have had a total of seven interviews culminating in a job offer from one of them which I am delighted to have accepted”


 “Many thanks for your help, just to let you know that I have now been offered and accepted the facilities manager role at xxx, I applied for it after our meeting and had the interview this Tuesday after which they offered me the job.”


“Just to let you know that after months of nothing I had a successful interview just three weeks after seeing you and started work on xxx Just to say thank you for your guidance and support”


“I found our meeting to be very useful I put your advice regarding elimination of any perceived negatives into action at my interview yesterday morning. I heard from the agency yesterday afternoon that they are interested in me so we’ve now moved to the negotiation stage. Fingers crossed!”


“I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for the help in re-vamping my CV. Since I completed the changes I have received numerous positive responses and have today received an offer of Head of Investment Services at xxx”


“I have finally found a job, and I am delighted with the position I now have! I can honestly say that the day spent with you looking at my CV was very worthwhile, I had much more success at application stage and getting to interview once I had changed my CV, and was tailoring it for each application, so thank you very much for all your advice and suggestions.”


 “The presentation that you gave was a real eye opener and I now realise why I have not had an interview after handing out hundreds of cvs. I followed your guidance notes and advice. I sent out 4 cvs today and received two callbacks for interviews!!! I must say that at first I was sceptical of the results you offered but now I see that I was wrong. I truly thank you and wish that more people knew of your good doings.”


 “I was offered the job and we closed an agreement. I started a few weeks ago. Thanks again for your advice it was instrumental in my success. Actually your insight into the recruitment market was excellent and the advice you provided was far superior to that of your competitor, ********. I will recommend your services to a former colleague of mine, an ex-director of ************Thanks again”


“I found the meeting to be of great use. I put a few of the interview tips into practice, and the interview went great. I've just had a call to offer me the job, and i've accepted, starting Wednesday!”


“At the time of attending the course I had been unemployed for some three months. Following the course I did change quite a few things regarding my job hunting and secured a equivalent position less than two months later...Your course was INSTRUMENTAL IN ME OBTAINING MY NEW POSITION. Thanks again”


“Just to let you know that I’ve got the job ! Thanks for all your help and tips”


“ thanks for our meeting on Monday. You may remember that I had an interview with the City Council lined up for Wednesday. Well, your advice on interview technique was really helpful and I managed to keep most of it in mind. I also read through the "Interview Preparation/Typical Questions" section of your guide the day before the interview, and it went really well. To cut a long story short, they've offered me the role of Business Analyst…I've had an interview with the Council for a similar role before, but was unsuccessful. I'm sure your advice made all the difference this time round. Thanks for your help”


“Just like to let you know the outcome of my job interview, and I'm pleased to say I was offered the job, and I accepted it.


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Feedback comments from our Customers


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