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CV Review / CV Writing £60

With recruiters spending as little as 15 seconds reading a CV, it is important that your CV is both focused and effective. Working with you to identify potential career paths, we will help to produce a CV for you, rewriting the content as required.

Andrew who provides this service is a highly experienced recruiter with over 25 years experience who has literally helped rewrite thousands of CV in his career, even training advisors for other organisations on CV writing.

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Remote Interview Support £90

Interviews are very easy to prepare for and do well in if you understand the process... What do we mean? well it is not just about researching a company, it is about preparing examples to provide during the interview. In particular about developing examples for scenario based or what are known more commonly as competency or behavioural based interviews used by over 50% of interviewers.

Other interviews we help prepare you for are: value, graduate, telephone, Skype, CV and more general unstructured interviews where common questions are often: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time? Tell me something about yourself?

Working with a highly experienced interviewer, we will help predict questions for role you might be applying for, then show you how to prepare for those questions. The session is broken into 1 hour of initial preparation, followed by a second 1 hour session in which we support you in developing your answers, optimising their impact and feeding back - best to know before your interview if your proposed answer is good / bad / or ...

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